My Friend's Hot Girl

Teal Conrad‘s boyfriend had his friend Seth take her to a symphony because he couldn’t. Seth drops her off at her boyfriend’s house where she shows him a piano piece she’s been taking classes for. Teal is feeling a little tight in her dress and asks Seth to take it off, which he doesn’t feel comfortable with. She heads into her boyfriend’s room and Seth reluctantly unzips her… to reveal the sexy lingerie she had been wearing especially for him. He tries to leave but Teal pushes him down while she gets on top of him. Who knew that classical music could drive a girl wild?

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Neighbor Affair

Teal Conrad is on the phone with her friend, sad by the fact that she lost her dog on her walk today. She hears a knock at the door and it happens to be her neighbor Seth with her dog. Teal is so excited and wants to give him something for his troubles, but Seth won’t take her money. She wants to show him a little hospitality and tells him to stay at her place for a while as she goes to grab him some water. Teal comes back out with a glass of water and some sexy lingerie on ready to give him a thank you he’ll never forget. The lesson learned here is to help thy neighbor and never take the cash reward.

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2 Chicks Same Time

It’s spring break and Lily Love and Teal Conrad have had an awesome time. There’s only one thing they could think of to make it even better… a hot threesome with a random dude! Luckily, they find the bartender pretty cute. Even though they’ve already had enough to drink, Lily and Teal still have room for a tasty shot of bartender cum to split between the two of them.

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Naughty Rich Girls

Teal Conrad is ready to go shopping, so she has her Daddy send her a limo to drive her around. She’s really disappointed when the driver pulls up in a town car. She does not want to be seen driven around in a town car, but all the limo’s were out. Poor Teal, all she wanted was to have a hot guy drive her to the mall in a nice limo, but instead she got a town car. Teal figures since she can’t go out and have fun shopping, she will just have to stay at home and have fun with Mr. Pete. This naughty rich girl takes driver dick like no other.

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My Dad's Hot Girlfriend

Teal Conrad has a small surprise for her man for Valentine’s Day. She’s blindfolded in her bathtub ready for her man to come home so that she can suck his dick. She hears the door open up, to which she tells him to come upstairs and put his dick in her mouth. She notices that her mouth is more filled than usual. Teal takes the blindfold off to see that it’s not her boyfriend, but his son Pete! She’s confused that he is even there, but since he doesn’t want to leave, she doesn’t see why he can’t have her already soaking pussy. Pete leaves his own present for his dad by cumming on her face.

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My Sisters Hot Friend

Anna Morna and Teal Conrad are really hot! Literally, it’s a hot day and they need to cool themselves by the fan. When their friend’s brother comes in, they decide they can use him as their own personal fan stand, but he’s not having any of that. He won’t blow cool air on them unless they blow him. They quickly strip down to nothing and take turns on his cock. I guess it really is all about being in the right place at the right time.

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Naughty Office

Alan is in Teal Conrad‘s office for an interview. Teal arrives late, but remembers what Alan was there for. She questions Alan about his previous position and why he left or was let go at the company. Alan was involved in a affair with his previous boss! This doesn’t discourage Teal but gives her a idea. As a test of his knowledge, Alan will have to perform on the spot! The skill is not about being an administrative assistant but how hard he can make his future employer cum!

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Teal Conrad and her man are spending the day in bed making the most beautiful music together. Giovanni knows just how to play Teal’s supple body and hit all the sweet spots. With an eager tongue lapping at her nipples and between her legs, he builds the exquisite tension of her pleasure to a raw crescendo. You’ll see the delicious harmony between these lovers from the minute you join them in the boudoir.

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